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[IP] obsessive hypoglycemic thoughts

So, on this beautiful day, my dog was taking me for a walk in the woods 
(one end of the leash is attached to his collar, the other to my waist 
<gr.>), and after quite a while, I realized he was leading me through a 
patch of emerging multiflora rose, that we were no longer on the path.  
I sat down on a log to test, and was, indeed, fairly low.  So as I 
sucked on my glucose tablets, I remembered the cartoon this month in 
Diabetes Interview about Hansel and Gretel and the used test strips. 
Well, for the rest of the walk, even when my bg was back to testing 
normal, I couldn't get my mind off permutations of using used test 
strips in the wilderness (and what kind of birds do YOU think would 
build their nests out of them?).

Linda Z
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