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[IP] Cozmo and Mexico



We took a family vacation to Mexico in January.  My 9 year old daughter,
Amelia, is a pumper (also D H-tron) and she did great.  I stressed over
getting ready, packing supplies, having doctors notes, ect. to travel. 
Not once did we ever get questioned about her pump or the supplies in
going through the airports/security.  The only time anyone even asked was
at one of the flea market shopping areas and it was a young curious girl
that didn't speak one word of english.  I just gave up on trying to
explain it to her!  Amelia was able to unplug and swim in the ocean for
hours and stay in the 90-100 range due to the activity.  Her blood sugars
were great the whole time we were there and we even let her have a few
virgin margaritas which we accurately guessed carbs on!  I carried all of
her supplies in a carry one bag (including the 2nd pump as a back-up). 
The people in Mexico were so friendly and polite!  Have fun and en! joy!

Cheri McCurdy

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 11:54:52 -0800

From: cari m ecklund Subject: [IP] Cozmo and Mexico Two quick questions:
1) We are still in the insurance process of trying to get the Cozmo for
my 8 yr old son. (He's had the Disetronic Htron for 3.5 yrs) What
comments/thoughts do those of you with the Cozmo have for me? What about
the recent problems? Is it still a good choice? 2) We are taking a family
vacation to Mexico in June. Is there anything I should be concerned about
in regards to diabetes? Thanks


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