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Re: [IP] Getting a pump

 I've just decided to get the pump, and I was finding it tough to decide, but
I'd say minimed looked the best from my point of view....


On Thu, 27 Mar 2003 08:48:06  
 Blaine Arsenault wrote:
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>Hello eveybody  I am at a road block I hate having to make major decesions
>especially when it comes to my diabetes, and choosing a pump . I looked at all
>the pump manufactures very closely and have concluded on the Disetronic and
>Minimed In my opinion they both seem to be good companies . I would very much
>appreciate anyones comment on either pumps pros and cons. I have been type 1
>diabetic for 31 years now and at this point in my life I just cant seem to
>control my blood sugars like I want to.
> Thanks all ..
> Blaine Arsenault.
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