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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

Bill, My daughter is 11 and we ahve been pumping for about 4 months now and 
loving it.  We didn't change how we ate whether it was at home or at 
restaurants.  We still are fine tuning everything and so far have 4 basal 
rates.  We started with 2 and have since moved to 4.  Some of our problems 
are because of puberty  because my daughter is in big time.  I kept the carb 
ratio the same as on shots and that works good for us 1:15 and correction 
factor is 1 unit lowers 60 points.  I know that we could be fine tuning and 
having better numbers then we have but my daughter seems to be eating all 
the time and I am finding it hard to make changes.  The 1 thing that we did 
change was we went from Novolog to Humalog, Novolog worked slower (I liked 
it better) but with the eating all the time it was just starting to work and 
she was eating again so her numbers were higher.  Humalog works quicker for 
her and we are seeing better numbers and our sites are still lasting 3 days 
with no problem.

Judy mom to Becca 11 dx 5-00 pumping 11-02

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