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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

Gail responded:

>>>Not sure what your point here is Jan.  Can you help me
out? >>>

Sure, I cite where you said:
"If I was told not to eat out - I would starve to
death.  If I was told not to exercise during the
setting of my basals - I'd have to RESET them AGAIN
once I went back to my NORMAL life of playing tennis
AT LEAST ONCE A DAY (and during tennis "season" (when
is it NOT?) I play up to THREE TIMES in one day."

Sherry did not tell anyone to not eat out, except the newbie who gave a
report, and, that was a suggestion. After more than a decade of pumping the
above can be said. Newbies don't have *any* pumping experiences under their
belts to be able to compare that to. Yet. They need baby steps as Sherry
advised. I agreed with her.

> Maybe you've underestimated my efforts at using
the pump?  I NEVER sit back on my laurels and assume I
have it mastered.  I am constantly testing (not just
BGs), implementing, testing again, tweaking, testing,
trying, and guessing.  Just when I think I have it
right - something changes.  The entire life with a
pump is about evolution.  >

This is due to 18 years' experience. A newbie today doesn't have that to
fall back on - yet. Give them a break and help them along without feeling
they need to go by *our* years' of experiences and how we learned how to
handle ourselves because this is what works for *us.* I recall my fears and
apprehensions when I started almost 2 decades ago and even called the doctor
for fear of overheating the insulin in the tubing while I ironed clothes. I
have no fear of that happening now, but I did. I recall that first site
insertion and the fear I had since it wouldn't be removed for THREE whole
days, whereas an injection went in and back out. It's old hat stuff now and
if a newbie has fears, I try to remember what I went through. A newbie
doesn't yet know how to tweak as proficiently as oldies. Sherry was not
advising *us* to starve by not going to a restaurant, but advising a newbie
it might be best to get a pattern going first. Sherry's post was directed to
a particular person, certainly not to oldies. <g>

>>I'm not sure what you mean by "Newbies really can't be
compared to what we do now since we even started out
differently. ">>

We did not have carb counting nor different basal rates. What *we* are doing
now is due to the evolution of pumps, pumping, and experiences. Someone new
starting out doesn't know how to tweak yet - long-acting insulin may still
be lingering, etc. Adjustments will come, surely, but right now it's the
birth of their process. Tweaking shouldn't really be in their process yet -
but close CDE/nurse/doctor advisement should be.

>>Every day I do the exact same thing that newbies do.
You and I (both veteran pumpers) have had to relearn
things that we *thought* were the end all be all.  So
you and I have had many starting over points along the

I doubt we do the exact same thing newbies do, since they have not yet
learned all the tricks and tips we know. Since they have not yet learned,
*I* can't say just do thus and thus because *I* know how to do it. It will
come. Rome wasn't built in a day. ;-)

>>Isn't it interesting how all of us treat our diabetes
differently and still manage to stay healthy?  I'm
glad you are doing well.>>

That's a major thought to keep in mind (treating DM differently) - some (not
all) need to stay away from a restaurant in the beginning so they can see
what's going on without adding something into the mix and they can't see the
immediate picture. Time passes quickly and they'll be able eat every meal
out soon and have it under their belts. (~_^)

Healthy? Six heart blockages (20%-100%) and dialysis isn't all that well.
Glad you are, though. ;-)

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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