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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences


As with all things, time is a teacher. I'd have thought as pumps were 
replaced (i'm sure gail isn't using her first anymore), I'd only assume the 
kit is the same as for new pumpers.

Though perhaps, the pumpee may not look at the supporting documentation. As 
an IT specialist, I usally favour the book after I've really fudged up 
something :-)


>I kept gail's end line citing pump beginnings in the mid '80s. We had one
>basal rate then and not a lot of features on the pumps as well. We forget
>what we went through setting up these numbers and getting to the numbers we
>*experientially* use today. Carb counting didn't come along until '94.
>Newbies really can't be compared to what we do now since we even started out
>differently. What we know now we didn't know then. It didn't happen
>overnight. (~_^)
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