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[IP] Re: Paradigm Upgrade and Battery Life

Subject: [IP] Re: Paradigm Upgrade and Battery Life 

>Ryan wrote:
>>>> Had I gotten the low-battery alarm during the night, I would have 
>with no power and having had no insulin delivered for as many as 6 
>To me, that is a concern.  >>>
>Are you saying there is no siren after that first LO battery alert that
>would have awakened you?

Well, LOW BATTERY doesn't siren, but it does beep at me with the normal 
alarm beep.  The NO POWER alarm "sirens", but, if I'm asleep, I 
wouldn't hear it.  Sometimes I don't hear my alarm clock for a couple 
of minutes, let along the pump's little alarm.  Not to mention, the 
pump is under a couple of layers of blankets and my PJs.  

I just expect that the pump should be able to last through the night 
after a low battery.  My previous pump would without any problems.  
This one only lasted 2 hours.
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