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Re: [IP] Insertion Pain

> I was told by my ENDO that MD's of
adults think the adults should just "suck up the pain" but Pediatric MD's
are more likely to recognize that removing pain is a good thing.
 <snip> EMLA Cream is quite affordable with a prescription drug insurance
There is an OTC cream that my pharmacist suggested but it cost over $50 and
that was more than I wanted to pay.<

I have to use Emla cream on my dialysis access loop (3"-4" of cream on
arterial side, 3"-4" on the venial). It is still not back on the market.
They had to make childproof containers for it. About 99% of the patients at
my center use it. They say the Lidocaine cream is greasy and does not work
as well. The children usually use a nickel-sized spot. I need to apply it 2
hours before they stick the two 15g needles in me 3x a week. One lady
requires only 20 minutes. Michael has suggested numbing with a cold pop can
or ice in a baggy for infusion set sites. Since Emla isn't available right
now, it's worth a try. YMMV

BTW, I very rarely feel the pain of infusion site insertions. I must have
toughened up there. (~_^)

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