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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

At 09:37 AM 3/27/03 -0500, you wrote:
>You mentioned that your wife is thin.  The 1:10 sounds kind of high to
>me...but then again I know everyone's mileage might vary.
>I am not particularly thin (~150) and the chart in my CDE's office says I
>should be about 1:14 carb ratio and 1:50 correction.   I am not very insulin
>sensitive and I currently have 1:12 carb ration and 1:40 correction.  It
>sounds like your wife is crashing at about 2.5 hours?
>I am surprised you are eating out so much just after starting to pump!  My
>CDE recommended that for the first three weeks I measure everything I ate,
>and not exercise so that I could make sure my basals and boluses were
>correct.  I also had to fast through times to check the basals.  Then once
>we had those stable I could start to experiment with food and exercise to
>find out what works for me.
>"I" think you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you continue to
>eat out so much.  (notice the using of "I" through the email).
>Also, my carb ratio is much different on the pump, then it was on
>injections.  I went from a 1:9 to 1:12!
>-- Sherry

As you say Sherry, your mileage may vary.....I'm 6 foot, weigh 156 #, and 
my carb ratio is 1:10, and my correction is 1:33.  This works fine for me, 
and have very little hypo's.  My last A1c was 4.9 (as I try for some pretty 
tight control).

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