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[IP] paradigm battery

I have a 508. I change the batteries approx once every ... 5-6 weeks. I use
the beep not vibrate.
I have had this for 2.5 years, well this one I've had a week but the one it
replaced 2.5 years without any problems.
I know my warranty is going to expire in 1.5 years & if it dies again will
be forced to obtain a new pump.
I love minimed. Their service is exceptional! This 508 is perfect.
Yet I read so much bad about the paradigm that I fear being pushed into the
paradigm as the replacement for my 508.
What happened? Why is a week of battery considered acceptable. Do they get
kickbacks from the battery company :)
Why all the other problems?
Or am I just seeing the bad & missing all the good?
I know sometimes we can focus on the bad that happens 2% of the time & miss
the 98% perfection but is this really the case?
Do I need to start looking into other pump companies?
I have saved every one of these insulin-pumpers emails & plan to parse out
all the paradigm comments but if you paradigm users can set me straight
please do!

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