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[IP] Paradigm battery life

I started on the paradigm 1/28/03 and would get low battery alarm every 8-10
days. For some reason my current battery celebrates its 24th day today. I have
also gotten by average BS down to 124. In the beginning it was 182. I am
feeling so much better now! I keep referring to my pump as "mini-me", so I
guess thats her name. I was told in the beginning that it would take awhile
for everything to fall into place. It finally has. For those of you that don't
disconnect for showers ( I don't either) My mother made  a bag out of laundry
mesh, just big enough for the pump to slip into. Put a little velco at the top
and attached around my neck with nylon sunglass thing. Of all the accessories
purchased, this is my favorite thing!

Sally Pierce
dxd 1/66
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