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[IP] Getting a Pump

Blane,Based on our experience with Disetronic, I would definately
recommend their pumps.  My daughter has a H-tron (actually she has 2, and
it is very comforting to have a back-up) and in 2 years the only problem
we have had is one package of bad batteries which was easily solved.  If
we were pump showing though, I would definately look into the new Cozmo
because it has some pretty unique features.  Just my opinion.Cheri
McCurdyMom to Amelia, 9, D1/00, P 12/00Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 08:48:06
From: "Blaine Arsenault" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Getting a pump

Hello eveybody  I am at a road block I hate having to make major
especially when it comes to my diabetes, and choosing a pump . I looked
at all
the pump manufactures very closely and have concluded on the Disetronic
Minimed In my opinion they both seem to be good companies . I would very
appreciate anyones comment on either pumps pros and cons. I have been
type 1
diabetic for 31 years now and at this point in my life I just cant seem
control my blood sugars like I want to.
Thanks all ..
Blain! e Arsenault.


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