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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm Upgrade and Battery Life

I get a low battery warning more frequently now, but that may be the 
batteries that am using.

However, my batteries usually last another 2-3 days before I lose my pump 
to no power. As I carry two spare batteries in my kit, I just let it run 
out and then change it.

If it runs out during the night, there is an audible alarm.

I'll tell you right night, as much as I love the Paradigm, (which Ryan has 
as well), the audio alarm on it's loudest setting is often not heard in my 
quiet office setting, nor would it wake me up at night. However the 
vibration setting would, but alas, to conserve battery power, the pump 
turns off vibrate.

Waterproofing a device makes the audio alarm setting harder to increase in 
volume. I do not fault Minimed for this (so no bashing today) as it is an 
engineering problem all water proof pumps face.

Personally, I'd like to see the wireless functions used more, allowing for 
communications with devices that can be used for readings and alarms. 
Bluetooth would be nice :-)

Such as to PDA's for data input, alarms, and external recording of all data.

The list goes on and on. =)


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>Ryan wrote:
> >>> Had I gotten the low-battery alarm during the night, I would have awoke
>with no power and having had no insulin delivered for as many as 6 hours!!!
>To me, that is a concern.  >>>
>Are you saying there is no siren after that first LO battery alert that
>would have awakened you?
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