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[IP] Insertion Pain

For those of you wondering about insertion pain...Have you tried using EMLA
cream? This a prescription only cream that is commonly used to deaden a site
for IV insertion in children. Just rub it on the future site wait about 45
minutes and then insert without pain. I was told by my ENDO that MD's of
adults think the adults should just "suck up the pain" but Pediatric MD's
are more likely to recognize that removing pain is a good thing.

 Ask your MD for a prescription.  Naturally right after I discovered the
cream, the makers, AstraZeneca took it off the market for repackaging. That
is evidently due in response to all the pumper kids who are now using the
cream. Better info needs to be included with the cream these days, hence,
the repackaging. I was told it should be back on the market in Spring 03...
but have not heard if it is out yet.

EMLA Cream is quite affordable with a prescription drug insurance coverage.
There is an OTC cream that my pharmacist suggested but it cost over $50 and
that was more than I wanted to pay.

Pat Horan   email @ redacted
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