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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

Some good points there Gail.

Just wondering, does anyone follow the instructions that come with the pump??

My Paradigm came with a Traning manual that covers the tests and the 
formulas that need to be calculated to help set things up correctly.

And it states that things should be as consistant as possible for the tests.

What you are trying to find out is the "resting" rates, so that you can 
learn (with the education in the Traning manual) how to adjust your 
basals/patterns/boluses properly.


Therefore, your daily tennis match should be continued, but note that if 
you don't play on <choose a day>, that day your BGs will be higher unless 
you have already created a basal pattern that increases insulin to counter 
act the lack of exercise that day. Therefore you already need to know all 
the rates and how insulin affects your body at different times of the day.

Not picking on you gail, but that was a great example :-)


>Gail responds:
>I'm sure that is why we all use the Your Mileage May
>(or WILL) Vary disclaimer.
>If I was told not to eat out - I would starve to
>death.  If I was told not to exercise during the
>setting of my basals - I'd have to RESET them AGAIN
>once I went back to my NORMAL life of playing tennis
>AT LEAST ONCE A DAY (and during tennis "season" (when
>is it NOT?) I play up to THREE TIMES in one day.
>I think that as long as folks are following their
>doctor's and/or CDEs directions, they'll eventually
>get to where they are going.  It's good to get
>positive feedback here, for sure!  I'm glad to hear
>their updates of how their experience is coming along.
>  It is great to watch a newbie making progress and
>learning from their experiences.
>My carb ratio started at 1:10.  It was wrong, of
>course, but only *I* could determine that.  Probably
>the same with you and every other person using carb
>Isn't it interesting how all of us treat our diabetes
>differently and still manage to stay healthy?  I'm
>glad you are doing well.
>-gail in denver
>Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.
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