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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences


  Do you guys have the book, PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh, 3rd edition?  If 
not I would HIGHLY recommend that you get this and read it.  This is one of 
THE BEST pumping books and has basically everything you need to know about 
getting started, fine tuning the basals, dealing with female hormones (sorry 
you didn't mention any ages), dealing with exercise and so much more.  You 
can find this and many other good books online through this list's book page. 
 And by purchasing through this link, this list will receive a much needed 
donation from Amazon at the end of the month too!!!

Get this book.  Start fine tuning the basal rates.  My son Joshua is now 11+, 
has been pumping 3+ years.  He has about 8 different basal rates, we use a 
few different bolus ratios depending on the itme of day, whether he has PE in 
school or not, his school lunch bolus is higher than any others, couch potato 
days is more.  His bolus ratios range from 1:10-25, depending on the 
mentioned criteria.

The book will tell you all about this and how to best figure things out for 
your wife.  And by the way, my son is VERY skinny and yet we have found the 
1:10 ratio really gives him great post-prandial BG checks.  IT took us the 
better part of one year to get things fine tuned!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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