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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

I've learned that eating anything fatty or anything with a high fat/sugar
ratio any time after 7pm at night sends my overnight sugars into orbit.
If I just _have_ to do it, I usually end up increasing my basal rate by 30-40%
for 3-4 hours and this usually cuts the effect significantly.

I'm not going to say YMMV, because we all know it will.


--- bill l french <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  Ate 23 G of ice cream and went to bed. 2 AM was 305. 
> I know this is long, but will the 23 G of icecream raise it that high
> after 4 hours? Any suggestions would be helpfull. She is on .7 units/hour
> basal rate and is using a 1 unit for 10 gram insulin to carb ratio. 
> Thanks for all the help. Maybe day 3 will be better still :)
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