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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

You mentioned that your wife is thin.  The 1:10 sounds kind of high to
me...but then again I know everyone's mileage might vary.

I am not particularly thin (~150) and the chart in my CDE's office says I
should be about 1:14 carb ratio and 1:50 correction.   I am not very insulin
sensitive and I currently have 1:12 carb ration and 1:40 correction.  It
sounds like your wife is crashing at about 2.5 hours?

I am surprised you are eating out so much just after starting to pump!  My
CDE recommended that for the first three weeks I measure everything I ate,
and not exercise so that I could make sure my basals and boluses were
correct.  I also had to fast through times to check the basals.  Then once
we had those stable I could start to experiment with food and exercise to
find out what works for me.

"I" think you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you continue to
eat out so much.  (notice the using of "I" through the email).

Also, my carb ratio is much different on the pump, then it was on
injections.  I went from a 1:9 to 1:12!

-- Sherry
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