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Re: [IP] old mail (Freestyle Tracker)

At 02:07 AM 3/27/03, "Bridget Roe" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>   Is there any way to look up old mail on a subject.  I know the freestyle
>tracker was discussed before, but I didn't know what it was at that time.  Now
>that I have been researching it, I am interested in what everyone had to say.

You can go to the Search area of the insulin pumpers website 
(www.insulin-pumpers.org).  Scroll down to the "Search" icon on the left 
hand side of the screen and click it.  At the next screen, close any 
windows that pop up (you won't need them right now).  In the Search For: 
spot put the item that you'd like to search for.  Uncheck all boxes except 
for Insulin Pumpers (USA) Mail Archive (unless you'd like to search in 
those other areas listed).  You can set all the other parameters as you 
wish.  I just did a search on "tracker" and got a number of hits.

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