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[IP] Update on our pumping experiences

Hello everyone. Just wanted to update day 2 of our pump experience. Ate
and took normal 1unit for 10 carb bolus. 2 hours later needed a
correction bolus. Went to Walmart and shopped for a couple of hours. She
was feeling a little strange so she checked Bg in the checout line. 96!!.
This was great since it had been 4+ hours since she had eaten anything.
Went to McDonnalds for lunch. 2 hours later she was slightly low. ate a
snack. Dinner reading was 146. Ate out at a favorite place. Used the same
bolus she used when she was on MDI. 2 hours later she crashed to 39. Used
16G of glucose pills. 30 min later was 60. Used 16 G of sweettarts. 30
min later was 80. Ate 23 G of ice cream and went to bed. 2 AM was 305. 
I know this is long, but will the 23 G of icecream raise it that high
after 4 hours? Any suggestions would be helpfull. She is on .7 units/hour
basal rate and is using a 1 unit for 10 gram insulin to carb ratio. 
Thanks for all the help. Maybe day 3 will be better still :)

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