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[IP] Re: Paradigm Upgrade and Battery Life

>This 2.0-upgrade battery life increase is fantastic. Without the 
>and very conservative use I get 7 days before the Low-Bat message. It 
>worked 48 hours more on several occasions. But I have to ask what do 
>people mean by battery life? Is it the time before the warning message 
>when the pump just quits?

Based on all the responses here, it sounds like my replacement pump is 
defective in some regard concerning the battery life, and yet I'm 
getting enough battery life (1 week) for Minimed to consider 
that "normal".  :-/

When I refer to battery life, I mean how long before I get the first 
LOW BATTERY alarm.   But, I'm also concerned about how long AFTER a low 
battery before I get the no power (and therefore, insulin delivery 

Last week, I got a low-battery alarm, and 2 hours later, I got a no-
power alarm.  Had I gotten the low-battery alarm during the night, I 
would have awoke with no power and having had no insulin delivered for 
as many as 6 hours!!!  To me, that is a concern.  

My previous pump would last 3 1/2 to 4 weeks, and I had gone as much as 
7 hours after a low battery alarm before I changed the battery, and 
never got a no power alarm.  

I guess I'll just try a new batch of batteries just to make sure it 
isn't the batteries themselves (although, these batteries have an 
expiration date of 2009!!!).

For the record, I do NOT have the remote enabled, nor vibrate.

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