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Re: [IP] What's in a name - amended...

I had to weigh in on this pump naming thing. I myself have never been one
of those individuals who gives personal names to pieces of equipment.
However, my thinking of this changed during something called Desert Storm.
I am sure some of you heard about it, it was in all the papers. On several
occasions I along with my team were behind enemy lines for countless hours
(USAF Special Forces). As usual this was not supposed to be because Intel
said there was no enemy in the area (yea..right). Through all of the gun
battles and enemy attacks there was one constant and that constant was my
little emerald green friend (MM 508). He never left my side through thick
and thin. Sandstorms, cold nights, hot days and countless day long
missions. My little friend was always there. He would protect me until he
died just as I would have for any of you because that was what he joined
for. After all we have been through him and I, he still does not have a
name. You see he does not need one because we both know he is and always
will be my angel. Just a different perspective on the whole issue. If you
decide to give your pump a name then God Bless You. I am sure he/she will
live up to their part of the bargain.
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