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Re: [IP] What's in a name?

> Please shoot me if I name my pump... my life must be over anyway.

This really cracked me up.  I am not anti-naming pumps, but I truly don't
see the point.  I have had two pumps, and both have had the name, "my pump."
My pump doesn't seem remotely human.  I occasionally consider it a part of
my person.  Does that make it Kristen?  I hope not.  Then if it
malfunctions, it's all my fault.

The one name I've seen on here that I really liked was Magnum IP.  I thought
that was clever.  But since that is already taken, my pump shall remain my

I do have a question for those who name their pumps.  Some people have had
numerous pump failures, getting one replacement after another.  Four, seven,
twelve.  If you get your pump replaced, do you come up with a new name?  Or
do you name your new pump the same name the old one had?  You can answer
whether or not you have had your pump replaced.

It's just a lot less confusing to call it, "my pump."

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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