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Re: [IP] diabetes and pregnancy with twins

 <<Many mothers who go through natural childbirth absolutely hate it. They just
don't look at it the same way I do. Many think that a good delivery involves as
little pain as possible. (That's just not the way I look at it.) If that's you,
that's fine! The important thing is not so much how the baby arrives as it is
how healthy the baby is and *that s/he's here!* I just think it worthwhile to
consider the other side when Cesarean is looked at as a method of avoiding pain.

Kristen -

 Having been through both (natural & epidural) . . . I said take the epidural.
Of course I was 23, and a very idealistic feminist during my daughter's birth -
I really wanted a mid-wife at home for delivery.

 My son was born when I was 42 and quite willing to forego the pain. Plus I
wanted all of the medical necessities on hand just "in case". Age certainly
changes your perspective.

I actually enjoyed my son's birth.  

 My daughter's birth was a test of pain resistance -"don't scream, cry, whimper.
Breath, BREath, BREATH"! Of course I also don't have diabetes so am not in a
position to give advice.


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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