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Re: [IP] A1C Numbers and How They Compare to Blood Sugars

Gail said:

 >>My advice - do not use the A1c as your *sole* source of indications of
complications. Use it as part of the whole picture - quality of life, if you

Over time. >>

& Len said:

 <<as usual, the "pillar of sanity" , in an environment, made even less sane, by

 And I reiterate, I don't give a rat's patoot about Joshua's A1C at this time. I
just want him to have numbers within range without the huge swings from high to
low. On NPH this an impossible goal. We are always chasing lows or feeding

 We, the ones old enough to be concerned with his bg levels, are hoping that the
pump will create at least a semblance of this stability. He, on the other hand,
couldn't care less (well, maybe if he could verbalize that he feels like craps,
he would!).


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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