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Re: [IP] Re: Scar Tissue from 3+ Sites?

> As far as recommendations for site changes go,
> MiniMed actually recommends they be changed every 2 days, not 3, but
people tend
> to ignore this as 3 days seems to be an acceptable amount of time. Someone
> posted they thought this was a recommendation so MM could sell more
> sets, but maybe there's actually a good reason behind it.

It is possible that there is a good reason behind the two day
recommendation.  It is also possible that as more time passes with patients
pumping, they are learning more about how long it actually is safe to wear a
cannula.  My guess would be that if that is the case, they have some studies
or something showing the need for more frequent changing.

But it seems to me, that every so often, the advice given seems to change.
You say MM recommends every two days.  I looked at the paperwork for the MM
Silhouettes and the Disetronic Ultraflex.  Both say the same thing, changing
every two to three days, maximum 72 hours.  If MM truly believes a change on
day two is necessary, I'd recommend they change the paperwork they send out
to reflect that.

But the timing of that recommendation (every two days) is sort of
suspicious, not long after they start offering a pump with a smaller
reservoir size.  I guess I'd find it more credible if one of the
manufacturers of the pumps more recently offered with a larger reservoir
said the same thing.  (Though MM does offer the 508, it's not the one
they're promoting.)

When I started pumping 12.5 years ago, I was told to change my site every
3-4 days.  I had no idea anything ever changed, as once I was familiar with
the routine, I had no need to study the paperwork every time a new set of
infusion sets arrived in my home.  Then, years later, I found out the
recommendation had changed when I was scolded by a nurse for going that
long.  "I don't think there is anybody who recommends waiting that long.
It's three days, maximum."  So I switched to every three days.

Now there is some talk of every two days.  In a few years, when somebody
gets the bright idea to come out with a pump with a reservoir of 100 units,
will they start recommending changing it daily?  People have been pumping
for more than twenty years.  It's time they figure out how often it needs to
be done.

As for me, I figure my body is the best test source, as everyone's body is
different.  Other than a rare bump in the skin soon after a site change,
I've seen no ill effects from changing every three days, sometimes four.
Even those rare bumps go away long before the next time I return to the same
area.  I could regret this years down the road, but I don't presently see
any need to change.

Naturally, YMMV.  I'm just too stubborn to change my routine unless someone
shows me evidence from a study of some sort that changing less frequently
than every other day is a problem.  A new recommendation from a manufacturer
holding the money is just a tad too convenient for me.

If someone knows of any studies done on this topic, please speak up!
Perhaps the person who said scar tissue begins to form on the third day has
information?  I'm certainly willing to learn.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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