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[IP] Gout?

OK all you medical types out there....anyone heard of any kind of correlation 
between diabetes and gout?  And is it possible that an 11 yo boy who has just 
entered puberty get his first attack of gout?  The book sayd after puberty, 
so I'm not sure if that means after it starts or after it is over??!!!!

Josh has a very sore, very swollen big toe on his right foot.  He has no 
recolection of stubbing or banging it on anything.  The symptoms came on 
quickly, there was not redness or discoloration yesterday and he could still 
move it.  Today there is some discoloration and he can not even budge it.  
But what is weird is that it is not as painful today either, unless it gets 
stepped on!!!!

Anyway, I got him a Ped appt tomorrow afternoon but thought I would send out 
this question to all of you GREAT people as well.  Gout is a metabolic 
disease so I'm not sure if that is related to or affected by diabetes.  I'm 
waiting for a response from his endo as well.


mom to Joshua
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