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Re: [IP] Summer's puppy training school....and hives LEN, DON'T READ

 Actually no - I don't have to do any of that - I do, but I can leave him in his
cage all day and not even look at him if I don't want to, that was our agreement
when they decided to buy a dog - Of course I mean why would I do that - and he
is in the process of being trained but it doesn't happen overnight and according
to 3 vets and his school he is right on schedule and being a puppy - I know of
many other dogs who are just as old and act the same - puppys chew on everything
and anything. He is getting better and no I don't mind his chewing on me it
doesn't bother me at all until now - when I got the rash. I will get the doc to
prescribe some antihistamines and continue doing as I have. Its not like I'm
incuraging him to chew on me - he chews and I act accordingly to stop him and
teach him not to.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> But, Summer, dear, isn't the risk of infection and your discomfort 
> from the
> scratches worthy of note? Your attention does need to be on the 
> children,however, with an untrained puppy in your view during 
> those times it does
> need to be taught to respect YOU. Do you not have to feed it, let 
> it out
> (when housebroken), or replenish the water dish? If so, then 100% 
> of your
> attention is not on the children.
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