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Re: [IP] Re: Carb factors

> This may be a stupid question - but what are Carb Factors?  I have never
> heard this terminology and my daughter has been carb counting for 10
> years!  Thanks.

Before this list, I hadn't heard it put quite that way, either, but I had
used "carb factors" without knowing that's what they are called.  Perhaps
you have done the same.  If you are measuring in grams, it is basically the
proportion of the total grams in a serving to the number of grams of carb
included in the serving size.  Let's say a "serving" is 60 grams.  In that
60 gram serving, there are 15 grams of carb.  If you divide the 15 grams of
carb by the 60 that is the total weight of the serving, you get .25.

Let's say your daughter wants to eat more than one serving.  She wants an 80
gram serving.  You multiply 80 by the carb factor, which we just found was
.25.  So that way, she gets to eat the serving she wants, and she boluses
for 20 grams instead of the normal serving 15.

There has been some discussion of finding lists of carb factors.  I find it
easier, rather than looking it up in a book or on a list of carb factors, to
figure it out myself using the above formula.  And I was doing it for a
couple of years before I knew the name of the number of carbs of
carbohydrate in proportion to the rest of the recipe was officially called
the "carb factor."

It is less precise, but I have used the same kind of figuring with ounces or
measuring cups.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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