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Re: [IP] What's in a name?


I have been pumping for 19 years and have NEVER given any of the pumps a 
name.  I have thought about it and somehow I would like to give my name like 
Pisces or Mr. Limpet.  I know that isn't right either, I mean the fish that 
Don Knotts played in a movie way back when.  If anyone could help me I would 
sure appreciate it.

The reason why was when I first went on a pump it was three times the size 
they are now and for a while, many times I would wake up with the pump over 
my shoulder and dangling near my back.  I also went through the time when 
some of the tubings would kink up sorta like telephone cords do, and I would 
dangle the pump and it would spin until the tubing was unkinked.

If anyone could help me with any other neat names for fish, I would 
appreciate an e-mail.  Please e-mail me directly.

Cee Dee
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