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[IP] Frozen Shoulder

I've had two instances of frozen shoulder since being diagnosed with 
diabetes ~ 12 yrs. ago.  With the first occurrence, I went to an 
orthopedic surgeon who performed outpatient manipulation  It was a 
miserable experience, although I regained total ROM within weeks.  When 
the other shoulder began to freeze up, I sought out an osteopath who 
does medical acupuncture.  I paid out-of-pocket for  4 or 5 acupuncture 
sessions;  and began to do yoga on a couple of times a week.  Within a 
couple of weeks I regained full ROM in that shoulder.  No painful, 
costly outpatient procedure; no painful, costly follow-up physical 
therapy; no additional meds.  It's not for everyone, but it sure worked 
for me.

Jp Brennan
email @ redacted
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