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Re: [IP] Carb factors

I make my own spaghetti sauce (not from fresh tomatoes or
anything, from cans, but it's pretty good). I don't add sugar to
it, it's just tomato sauce (29oz can), tomato puree (15oz can),
italian seasonings to taste (I get the big "Italian Seasonings"
spice container from Costco and keep adding until it tastes
good - probably ~1/4c), ~1-2tsp olive oil, ~1TBS parmesan, and
~1/4-1/2tsp instant coffee (just a tip I learned years ago -
gives it a less acid flavor and makes it a little browner, like
it's been simmered all day like "Mama's".) ;)
Using the info from the sauce/puree brands I use, there are 12g
per cup, 6g per 1/2cup, so we just have Shannon measure her
sauce. I cook the spaghetti al dente and weigh it using carb

Take care, Kerri
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Sherry said:
I believe just for the noodles.   If using sauce from a jar use
the information on the label.  If it is homemade then guestimate.
I usually find my homemade reacts pretty close to the jar kind.
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