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Re: [IP] Summer's puppy training school....and hives LEN, DON'T READ

>>> And quite frankly it is NOT my job to train the dog and we had that
understanding when they got it, that my job was to focus all my attention on
kids( as it was the 2 years before they got him) and the dog was their
duty -
they are behind that 100% but I am in love with the puppy and he needs my
attention to.>>>

But, Summer, dear, isn't the risk of infection and your discomfort from the
scratches worthy of note? Your attention does need to be on the children,
however, with an untrained puppy in your view during those times it does
need to be taught to respect YOU. Do you not have to feed it, let it out
(when housebroken), or replenish the water dish? If so, then 100% of your
attention is not on the children.

IMHO, which I highly respect, this needs to be rethought. Having to medicate
yourself due to this doggy is another medication introduced to your DM
system. I hope they get some chew toys that taste better than your hands.
LOL It's really not fair to you or other visitors that they won't allow you
to back up the pooch's commands.

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