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Re: [IP] early failure of MM 508

Ed, I also had the reset failure the 2nd day I had my pump. It happened on
July 6 2000. Got the 508 replacement the next day and I have had no
problems since. It seems to me that the upper management of MM after the
buyout are not aware of these issues because they are being handled by
lower level lieutenants. Everything looks good through rose colored glasses
if you get my meaning. I personally do not have a problem with MM or any of
their service. However I do feel that certain aspects of the company have
gone south since the merger.

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I'm wondering if others on this list have had problems with their MM 508.
have had my pump for 6 months when it just died, it would go into reset
when ever the up arrow was pressed.  I have a friend who's 508 had problems
within the first year.  Minimed replaced the pumps in both cases.

My MM506 lasted for 9 years without a problem..

I'm just wondering if MM quality control had gone down since the Medtronic
buy out?

I would like to hear from others who have had early failures on MM 508

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