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[IP] Re: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device....(was Gluco Watch)

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 03:17:45 -0500
< From: "Shelley Valentine" <email @ redacted>
< Subject: Re:   [IP] Gluco Watch
< For those interested, check this out (Maybe "old" news to some, but
< it's new
< news to me):

< TheraSense has under development a Continuous Glucose Monitoring <Device
<designed to continuously monitor glucose levels, raise alarms at 
<glucose values and store these results for future analysis by the user <or 

Another company called iSense Corp.  http://www.isensecorp.com/
is also working on a similar gadget.  It has a sensor that is
inserted similar to an infusion set and it also has a separate
display box that gives you readings.  Be forewarned that their
web site is kinda lame.  ;-)

I participated in a study that used this device in January and
really liked it.  At least I told them I wanted a freebie when
it was ready for market!  ;-)  It was nice that I could look
down at the pager sized display box see what my bg was at any
time.  And I poked the heck out of my fingers to make sure that
the device was giving similar readings to what I would get doing
finger sticks.  I don't recall there ever being a reading that
was more than 20 pts different.  Oh, and I also got to test
their software that lets you download to a PC and plot graphs
and do reports on the readings stored in the box.

Just an FYI that there are several companies that are working
on this type of technology.

John Hughes

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