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[IP] Paradigm and battery life

About a week and a half ago, I started using  the replacement pump that 
Minimed sent me due to the E21 alarm I had on the previous pump (after 
8 months problem free).  

A couple of days after getting the pump, I got a low-battery message.  
I just figured that the battery they put in the pump to send it to me 
was already partly used.  2 hours after the low battery alarm, I got a 
NO POWER alarm, so I changed the battery.  (I was concerned that it 
only took 2 hours, since on my previous pump, I would go 6-7 hours 
before changing the battery after a LOW without issues...and with 2 
hours, if I had been asleep, my pump would have stopped delivery during 
the night and I wouldn't know it 'til morning.)

Anyhow, so, a week later, and I get another LOW BATTERY alarm.  My 
previous pump, I would go 3 1/2 to 4 weeks on a battery.  So, I called 
Minimed.  They said that the EXPECTED life of a battery in the Paradigm 
is 1-2 weeks.  I, personally, find that a bit unacceptable, especially 
since MOST of the people on this list are reporting longer times.

So, my question is, for those who had to get a replacement pump to the 
2.0 software, have you noticed any difference in how long a battery 
lasts?  I am NOT using any of the features that would use the battery 
faster, such as excessive backlight use, remote control enabled, nor 
vibrate enabled.  

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