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Re: [IP] Summer's puppy training school....and hives

 If only it were that easy!!! We are trying to get the puppy trained and it has
been quite the task!! He is in school and that has helped a bit(teeny tiny bit)
And Yes I use the sit and no command BUT he is knawing to get my attention he
sits there all cute and if I look away he chews on my hand I do pull it away but
in that process is when I get scratched and I then ignore him till he sits nice
then play with him - when he starts biting again I ignore him till it stops. He
is only about 3 months old and he is teething and will chew on anything and
everything - It is a process that will take time and unfortunatly with 4 kids
who are trying to teach him to jumpup for the treat rather then sit for it - and
to run around the house like a mad dog ratehr then sit and be good it is quite
confusing on the dogs behalf he has no clue which is right and which is wrong. I
am more focused on training him then the parents they just more or less yell at
him and throw him outside or in the cage and as soon as they bri

 They have started to realize it isn't helping and are trying to do better but,
as I say they are a poodle family who for some strange reason have gotten a
large Choc. Lab.

 His behavior has gotten better with me treendiously but all it takes is one
little scratch on my hands and then his "kisses" and my petting him to set of
the rash.

 And quite frankly it is NOT my job to train the dog and we had that
understanding when they got it, that my job was to focus all my attention on the
kids( as it was the 2 years before they got him) and the dog was their duty -
they are behind that 100% but I am in love with the puppy and he needs my
attention to.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> My other concern is that you're allowing this puppy to "gnaw" on 
> your hands? 
>  Since you are the baby sitter in this household, I'm guessing 
> that you're 
> there when the parents aren't?  Sounds like part of your job is to 
> help to 
> teach this puppy some manners.  It's VERY important that a 
> dog/puppy learn 
> manners, especially a lab who can get very rambunctious and out of 
> control 
> when he/she weighs 50-80 lbs.  I would suggest teaching that 
> little puppy 
> how to sit.....or....SIT!!!  If that's how you need to do it.  AND 
> that 
> puppy needs to learn the word NO.  You have access to information 
> on the web 
> on how to teach these 2 commands.  Along with sit and no, it needs 
> to learn 
> when it's being good.  So, be sure to reward with "good boy/girl" 
> and a 
> treat once in a while.
> Good luck.
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