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[IP] Summer's puppy training school....and hives


I'm sorry to hear that you have this terrible rash.  I would also try taking 
some sort of Benadryl product and using anti-itch cream on the rash.

My other concern is that you're allowing this puppy to "gnaw" on your hands? 
  Since you are the baby sitter in this household, I'm guessing that you're 
there when the parents aren't?  Sounds like part of your job is to help to 
teach this puppy some manners.  It's VERY important that a dog/puppy learn 
manners, especially a lab who can get very rambunctious and out of control 
when he/she weighs 50-80 lbs.  I would suggest teaching that little puppy 
how to sit.....or....SIT!!!  If that's how you need to do it.  AND that 
puppy needs to learn the word NO.  You have access to information on the web 
on how to teach these 2 commands.  Along with sit and no, it needs to learn 
when it's being good.  So, be sure to reward with "good boy/girl" and a 
treat once in a while.

Good luck.

<<Well I think I've got hives! The family I work for(babysit) got a choc. 
lab about 2 1/2 months ago and ever since I have had a bright red rash on 
the tops of my hands - I wash them alot to try and keep it clean but think 
it is becasue of the puppy's knawing and slobbering on them >>

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