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[IP] Pump start team

I just had to post and let everyone know what a great experience we have
had with our MM rep Dana, the Nurse Sherri and our Endo. Our rep and pump
nurse are from Tulsa which is a 2 hour drive from Ft. Smith. Thay had to
leave Tulsa before 6 AM to get to Ft Smith by 8 to do our start. The
nurse never made us feel rushed, even though she had to drive back to
Tulsa right after for a noon appt. When we had our No Delivery alarm, I
called both of them and they talked us through the problem very calmly.
Sherri, the nurse wears a pump and was very helpfull with all our
questions, no matter how silly. Dana is our rep and has gone out of her
way to help with the whole process. Between them and all our new friends
here, I know we will make the transition to pumping successfully.
Thanks to all of you.
Bill French

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