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[IP] Wild pump start day

Whew. After having trouble with the first site and BG above 300 for a
couple of tests, we obviously over corrected and went low aroun 3 pm
yesterday. spent several hours trying to get Bg back up to noirmal range.
Then woke her at 2 this morning and it was 262. Gave a bolus of 2
novalog. I havn't checked it yet this morning, because she is so worn out
I decided to let her sleep a while. Hopefully when she wakes up it won't
be too high.
The pump nurse said that she should not feel the site, but she says she
can definitly feel it, but it appears that she is getting insulin ok.
She is usung the 6mm quickset. We may have to try the sils if this one
bothers her I guess. She is pretty thin. May not have enough fat. I could
sure loan her some if she needs it. We hope today will be better. 

Bill And Ute French
Ute dx'd 10/86, pumping with Paradigm 3/25/03

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