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[IP] Dupuytrons History: Diabetis Is Not Too Bad

Gillaume Dupuytren was a fanious French Surgeons 1777-1835. He was credited
with a number of firsts and named number of conditions. One of his firsts was
the sucfull removal a mans lower jaw. and also doing  some procedure on a
broken hip joint.
But he died 9 years before the first sucfull general anisethia was
deminstrated by a dentist Horice Wells at Harverd in 1844 using N2O. (Later
they added O2 to the procedure)  So he must have used a lot of very strong
leather belts and ear plugs.  Medical Science has made some great progress in
the last 150 or so years.  It has been the best time in history to be alive.
Charles A. Soderstrom DDS  T1 since 10/1953 @ age 19
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