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Re: [IP] Re: [IP} A Good MiniMed story (long)

> My opinion: It is laudable for any manufacturer of a product to obtain
> from potential users. It is foolish, if they don't.

The developments in insulin pumps have really come about as baby steps.  No
sooner do they come up with a fancy new feature than the users think, "This
would make it that much better!"  And thus, the improvements are made.

When I started pumping, I'd never heard of carb counting.  Suggesting that
the pump figure it for me?  When I wasn't doing it, how could I think it
necessary for the pump to tell me?

Once upon a time, a pump small enough to conceal or carry in a pocket was a
fantasy, as were multiple basal rates.  And a battery that would last more
than one day?  Impossible!  Then the ability to program those multiple basal
rates for both weekdays and weekends, etc.  What about the ability to
program an extended bolus?  Having an extended bolus is nice, but
frustrating when you can't take an immediate one during the entire extended

It isn't even close to the truth to suggest that no one else was innovative.
There were many more baby steps that I didn't even bother to mention.  The
pump companies thought of new, fancy features with every new model they came
out with.  They just hadn't made the progress to the point that the user
would even think of those new ideas.

The time will come when even the Cozmo seems like a relic of the past.  It
takes baby steps.  And every time somebody thinks of a great new baby step,
they are sure to be copied.  I'd don't doubt that if the Cozmo starts taking
a lot of the pump business, the other companies won't be able to get their
new pump with the same new features out fast enough.  And likely, they will
think of a few more baby steps to take of their own.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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