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Re: [IP] Re: Scar Tissue from 3+ Sites??

> 1) Plastic materials (soft cannulas) do promote scar tissue formation more
> than do steel cannulas.
> This is due to the surface constitution of this material. This is one
> why in surgery for long-term implants usually metal or ceramic ones are
> being
> used. (High-tech plastics are also applied!) With breast implants,
> encapsulation is sometimes a problem, because the body builds up a barrier
> versus the plastic material.
> To a smaller extend, this is also true for soft cannulas.
> 2) Insertion of an infusion set means a lesion to the body. A cascade of
> biochemical processes is started to finally heal this injury. At day 3-5,
> formation of internal scar tissue starts, if something is left in the
> or -as for infusion sets- in the skin.

This didn't make sense to me the first time it was posted, and still doesn't
make sense to me now.  I may well be wrong about this, and if I am, I hope
someone will explain how.

The reason why I don't understand why this would be true is that as long as
I've pumped, I've been told you should change your site more frequently if
you use metal.  I believe it is recommended that the site be changed every
two days with metal needles, as opposed to every three with plastic

If the above is correct, then why aren't we given guidelines that are the
reverse of what they are?  Please enlighten me.  Until I am enlightened,
however, I am content to continue changing out every three days or so.  I
haven't seen any sign of scar tissue yet in twelve and a half years of
pumping.  And for much of that time, I changed out every four days instead
of every three!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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