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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder

HI...had to reply to this one!!!!
I've had 2 manipulations done on one shoulder....I let the pain go on for 2
years before even seeing a doctor...had cortisone (no help)
injections...then manipulation,followed by 8 weeks of therapy (very intense)
did not get much use back...then it froze again and I didn't hesitate and
went straight for the manipulation...worked this time and I could tell right
after the manipulation that it had worked....have been pain free ever
since.....YAHOO!!!!!...my point being..DON'T WAIT and put if off...just
makes thing worse and the "manipulation" isn't much worse than it
sounds...I'm still dealing with a lot of "tendon" things due to my
diabetes...in my hands...but at least these are "fixable" things....please
feel free to write me off list...(trying to be and encourager here NOT a
discourager....) hope this helps some...
hang in there!!!!!

RHonda (who loves her pump and wouldn't give it up for ANYTHING)
type 1 for 38 years....pumping for 8....
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Subject: [IP] frozen shoulder

> Hi there. I was told yesterday by my surgeon that I have frozen shoulder
and he
> wants to do a manipulation where they knock you out and force the shoulder
> move. Has anyone had this and what are your thoughts. I have had an MRI
> x-rays and at first they told me I had an impinged rotater cuff. I have
been a
> type one for 17 years and am 45 years old. Many thanks. Adela
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