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Re: [IP] Hives?

Hi Summer, I got hives recently from an antibiotic, Keflex. I was prescribed
Prednisolone by the doctor, of course. I went through one pack and started
up again even worse, the second time around. Was prescribed Adderax? plus a
antacid-somehow they are supposed to get rid of hives. That didn't work, now
I am on my second dose pack of Prednisolone - I now get an occasional hive
(I have two days left of the medication) here and there. Hives are a pain,
the prednisolone did raise my blood sugar and messed up some sites - It was
a challenge finding new and interesting sites where hives were not present.
take care Sharon B
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> Well I think I've got hives! The family I work for(babysit) got a choc.
> about 2 1/2 months ago and ever since I have had a bright red rash on the
> of my hands - I wash them alot to try and keep it clean but think it is
> of the puppy's knawing and slobbering on them - anyway I had nearly 3
weeks off
> a few weeks ago and my hands nearly healed and now its back worse then
before -
> I also have 2 huge cuts up on my arms from him biting(scratching me) and
> are all red and inflamed. But starting yesterday up on my cheek bones-
under my
> eyes is red and rashy too and I noticed tonight I have hives on my legs.
> sure if its all from the dog or what but I see the doc on Thurs and will
>  My sugars have been great so no problem there. The only other time I've
> hives is about 5 years ago I got it every day in geography class while
trying to
> make my plaster-aparis landscape model - it was quite humerous I'd break
out and
> the teacher would send me to the office to get cleaned and creamed and hen
> about 3 days(of the smae procedure!) he refused to let me finish it!!
> Any advice to get rid of it??  My hands are itching like CRAZY!!!!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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