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[IP] Herbal suplements- Noni Juce

email @ redacted writes:
>YES! I was approached as was my brother on my behalf a couple years ago. His
 >apartment at the time was by an older hippie guy whose "latest sales/scheme"
 >selling an herbal tonic ---Noni juice from the Noni tree. He was always
>to my brother that I should take the Noni juice because other Diabetic folks
 >have taken it and no longer have to take insulin! And would bring him
>and other crap about it.
 > My first comment was, "Are these type 1 or 2 Diabetics?" since I think he
>with an older group of folks.
> the 2nd and more prominent point I had was, WHO CARES about taking Noni juice
>so I can stop taking insulin! That's just switching out one daily dose of
>something for another, the herbal Noni juice being an unregulated and
>scientifically unknown "remedy". IDIOT!
 > I just laughed at him too and my brother just politely ignored him as he
>does with people like that:-)
>- --janet

  There was an article in the last Diabetes Forecast warning about noni juice.
The article stated that it contained high potassium levels which were not listed
on the nutritional information (potassium is dangerous for those with kidney
 Even still when many acquaintances were drinking Noni juice several years ago I
could see that it's claim of "stabilizing blood sugars" could not be true- one
of the main ingredients is grape juice. Maybe stabilize some one who is hypo! It
is just
a tasty drink with some unsubstantiated claims.
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