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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder


    I had "Frozen Shoulder". Talk about pain!!   The VA didn't have a clue and
 insisted on Ultrasound and massage for the longest time. I finally got fed up
 went to my family doctor. I hardly walked in the office and she knew exactly
it was.  She sent me to an Orthopedic specialist and they insisted on the
Manipulation.  Believe me it is the only way to go!!  They knock you out with
 anesthesia and just manipulate the shoulder. I woke up in recovery and the pain
 measurably less and with a couple of visits to physical therapy I have the
use of my shoulder back again.  That was about 4 years ago.  There has been
 absolutely no recurrance and everything is great. I know the literature says
 but why go through the pain. It was so bad I had to call off the first attempt
 MRI. I've been diabetic type 1 for 28 years. Go for it! It is worth it just for
the releif from the pain.

Good Luck,

        Gary Wise

Adela Gain wrote:

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 > Hi there. I was told yesterday by my surgeon that I have frozen shoulder and
> wants to do a manipulation where they knock you out and force the shoulder to
> move. Has anyone had this and what are your thoughts. I have had an MRI and
 > x-rays and at first they told me I had an impinged rotater cuff. I have been
> type one for 17 years and am 45 years old. Many thanks. Adela
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