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Re: [IP] Novolog not on formulary

> My medical insurance is through United Healthcare, our medical plan is
> awesome!  I called UHC to get the names of Durable Medical suppliers that
> are in network.  So now I receive all of my test strips through a place
> called the Medicine Shoppe, they ship to me every 90 days.
> I was also told that if I have a prescription for syringes along with my
> insulin, that there is not a copay for the syringes, but is I try to fill
> them separately I have a $20 copay for syringes.  I always have syringes
> around as a back up.

My mom bought a *nice* chicken for a $1 once, and I asked how much it
weighed? That made a difference in the cost per lb. That's a fancy way of me
saying just because an awesome plan is with a particular company, it does
NOT mean ALL their plans are that good. We have UHC and there is a $2,000.00
DME cap per year. Bluda Sue turned 4 two days ago so she's now an old lady
and out of warranty. I cannot afford $4,000.00 for a $5,900.00 pump as well
as supplies. However, I can get infusion sets and reservoirs through our Rx
plan and that's with UHC/Medco Health. UHC will not authorize Methotrexate
injections for my hugsband's R.A.

Folks, it's the PLAN the employer opts for, not the particular company. A
restaurant might serve good food, but not everyone orders the same meal.

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
Dialyzing since 7/8/02
http://maxpages.com/bludasue  AND http://www.picturetrail.com/dmBASHpics
(including an album of the EVOLUTION OF INSULIN PUMPS including a new
picture of the World's Youngest Pumper)

Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

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