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Re: [IP] High blood sugar after pump start

First.   Any bg over 250 that you can't explain, ALWAYS take correction by
injection.  This is the only safe way to bring it down.  As a personal rule,
I always take a correction by injection if I am over 300 just for my own
piece of mind even if I know why it is high.

Second.  Which pump is your wife using?  Did she prime the reservoir and the
new set?  Or with some of the newer pumps, I think you just prime the new

Also, sometimes when priming a larger amount of insulin it can take more
than two hours to peak, and also because this is your wifes first day of
pumping, her insulin to carb ratio, and correction ration may not be correct
so she might be running high anyways until that is figured out.

Hope it comes down!
-- Sherry
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