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[IP] Pumping with new Paradigm

Wow. What a morning. Spent the morning with RN and MM rep at Endo's
office. Hooked my wife up and she is pumping. Left the Dr's office and
went to lunch. She took a bolus and thought it beeped it was finished:
Not! Started vibrating and alarming. Got a "NO DELIVERY" Paniced, then
she went and checked her site. No leaks or kinks. Called the RN. Said to
change the site. This seems to havbe worked. Nothing like a little
excitement to freak us out.
Hopefully this site will last longer than 1.5 hours.

Finally pumping on her Clear Paradigm.
Basal 0.7 
bolus 1 unit for 10 carbs

Bill and Ute French

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